I still remember the first time we met each other. It feels like yesterday. When I look at you, my heart start throbbing really fast. You look so enchanting, and beautiful. You attracted my attention on that moment. On that day I started to have feeling on you.
The second time we met, I still remember you. But I didn’t know who you are on the inside. I shy to talk, I shy to ask. I thought I couldn’t talk to her, even if I had a chance to say. Because I didn’t have a courage to do it. I’m ashamed of myself, I’m so stupid. Does she ever wanted to talk to me ?. I thought a guy like me is not her type. So in the end I just looking at her from afar.

The third time we met, it was really short. But I’m happy I could see you again. And I still couldn’t talk to her. Maybe I need a miracle from god.

Time has passed, I’ve been a third grade senior high school student. Once again I met her, she was sitting right in front of me. How glad I’m getting this close with her. Finally I could talked with her. But I still shy to talked to her. Surely she who started the conversation. I still remember her name but she didn’t remember my name. I thought it’s fair, because I’m not well-known in school. The important thing, I could talked to her.

~This is the beginning of my relationship story~
Chapter 1 end. Continued to chapter 2

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