Kepada seluruh anak sma 16 surabaya semoga kita diterima di PTN yang kita inginkan. Amiin (˘ʃƪ˘)

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13 February is a historic day for me. That day changed my life until now, it makes my life became more colorful. On that day, my friend, devri asked my blackberry pin. I told my pin and I asked for what. I wonder why he suddenly asked for my pin. He said that ayu asked my blackberry pin. Is that for real?!. I would not have waste this opportunity.

There was a funny incident that I remember at that time. At that time I told devri to write my pin correctly. He asked,”so what if I’m wrong?” *with laughing*. Hahaha I knew he knew what I meant. He was pretending not to understand. A few minutes later ayu invite me to her messenger contact.

I still remember the first topic we discussed during our first chat, You said my display picture does not appear. It was a weird thing to start a conversation :p. I’m sorry because that was not me who started the conversation. Maybe you thought I’m too shy to start a conversation. If only I were brave, it might be easier to approach you.

I still wonder why she asked for my pin. Maybe just to add her messenger contact. Am I too hopeful?. Oh god why didn’t you make me brave from the start?. I need a courage, or should I bring up the courage… from myself?.

Starting from 13 February onwards, we continued to chat. As time goes by, I started to have the courage to approach her. A few days later I asked her for a date, and she wanted it :)). Yeeaayy thanks god.

~Fear of courage~
Chapter 2 end. Continued to chapter 3

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