The situation you’ve made got even worse, maybe I should be gone. The way you used to be still the same but the way you try to keep our relationship is getting weirder and weirder.

Maybe I should just get lost, not knowing this situation might be the best for me.

Pain Killer

This feeling cannot be described anymore. The feeling, the heart that you destroyed so much.. Even ‘sorry’ doesn’t mean a thing.. Every morning is a sick to me, and every night is a painkiller for me. You just make me gone crazy all day, all time..

Can’t we just be a two person that fall in love at each other..?

When you go with the others, I will refrain.

And do not ever think that I’ll hate you.

I know your happiness isn’t with me.

Let me keep this feeling just for me.

And when you’re being alienated, ostracized and shunned, find me.

I’ll always be there for you… FOR SURE..