As I said in the previous chapter, I finally ask her for a date. We going out on friday 18 february, it means five days after our first chit chat. As I told you, I’m not a brave person so I brought my friend to accompany me… Yeah it’s kinda lame. Pathetic huh? So it will be me, ayu and devri.

We going to WTC (World Trade Center). Isn’t it weird? Why am I choosing WTC anyway? It has a story you know. I’m asking her to accompany me to buy a battery for my phone. Asking a girl on a date to buy a battery? Maybe I should ask her to service my phone instead haha =)).

Okay back to the story, we go after the school was ended at friday so we still wear a uniform. I still remember that feeling back then. I’m to shy to hold her hands so I put my hands in my pocket. But still we walk side by side like a line. Of course there is a distance between us. I’m to shy to get close to her.

After we done buying a battery, we go to Delta (near WTC) to have a lunch. The place we are going is Hoka Hoka Bento, a japanese restaurant. She tells me that she can’t eat using a chopsticks, I’m laughing with her right there. Watching her lips, hearing her laugh. What a beauty she got. In the middle of talking suddenly she put her hands on my thigh. She’s making my heart beat really fast.

I gently touch the fingers of her hand. Feels very smooth, and she got a small hand. So this is the feeling holding a girl’s hand. Especially her hand. She can make me become silent only with her hand. I want to hold this hand forever.. I hope so. Your smile, your eyes really turn my world. When you stare at me it feels like earth turn very slowly…

I know you’re not a human being. You’re a… Human-like angel falling from the sky.

~This is my first date with her~
Chapter 3 end. Continued to chapter 4


13 February is a historic day for me. That day changed my life until now, it makes my life became more colorful. On that day, my friend, devri asked my blackberry pin. I told my pin and I asked for what. I wonder why he suddenly asked for my pin. He said that ayu asked my blackberry pin. Is that for real?!. I would not have waste this opportunity.

There was a funny incident that I remember at that time. At that time I told devri to write my pin correctly. He asked,”so what if I’m wrong?” *with laughing*. Hahaha I knew he knew what I meant. He was pretending not to understand. A few minutes later ayu invite me to her messenger contact.

I still remember the first topic we discussed during our first chat, You said my display picture does not appear. It was a weird thing to start a conversation :p. I’m sorry because that was not me who started the conversation. Maybe you thought I’m too shy to start a conversation. If only I were brave, it might be easier to approach you.

I still wonder why she asked for my pin. Maybe just to add her messenger contact. Am I too hopeful?. Oh god why didn’t you make me brave from the start?. I need a courage, or should I bring up the courage… from myself?.

Starting from 13 February onwards, we continued to chat. As time goes by, I started to have the courage to approach her. A few days later I asked her for a date, and she wanted it :)). Yeeaayy thanks god.

~Fear of courage~
Chapter 2 end. Continued to chapter 3

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I still remember the first time we met each other. It feels like yesterday. When I look at you, my heart start throbbing really fast. You look so enchanting, and beautiful. You attracted my attention on that moment. On that day I started to have feeling on you.
The second time we met, I still remember you. But I didn’t know who you are on the inside. I shy to talk, I shy to ask. I thought I couldn’t talk to her, even if I had a chance to say. Because I didn’t have a courage to do it. I’m ashamed of myself, I’m so stupid. Does she ever wanted to talk to me ?. I thought a guy like me is not her type. So in the end I just looking at her from afar.

The third time we met, it was really short. But I’m happy I could see you again. And I still couldn’t talk to her. Maybe I need a miracle from god.

Time has passed, I’ve been a third grade senior high school student. Once again I met her, she was sitting right in front of me. How glad I’m getting this close with her. Finally I could talked with her. But I still shy to talked to her. Surely she who started the conversation. I still remember her name but she didn’t remember my name. I thought it’s fair, because I’m not well-known in school. The important thing, I could talked to her.

~This is the beginning of my relationship story~
Chapter 1 end. Continued to chapter 2

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