Wise Story: Luck

This is a wise story I found when i’m googling

One time I noticed a new homeless man in my neighborhood. A middle aged man who was always busy collecting cans and glass bottles and I guess anything he could turn into some cash. He was more decent than many of the other homeless people, he looked like he was changing his clothes relatively often and he must have taken showers too because he never smelled. I like to be safe so I keep an open eye on everything around me. I like to know who lives next door, who are the business owners and the employees of the stores in my street and how often the cops drive around. Knowing these things make me safe and if there is any change that I notice, I investigate it further.

This open eye strategy led me to notice this homeless guy who quietly yet very diligently went from trash can to trash can to look for any valuables. There have been about four homeless guys around who sometimes appeared in this part of the city but none of them worked so hard – if you can of course consider collecting cans and bottles a job or work. This particular guy came as scheduled every morning, went through every garbage can thoroughly, took out what he needed then he put back the remaining garbage to the can and he went to the next one. Later early in the evening, he was back again and did the same routine once again. His scheduled and organized method of collecting just amazed me and I strongly believe many workers could have actually learned from him how to be punctual, how to organize their time and how to work hard. [See More]

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