I can feel a little bit relieved, I think I can moving forward now. Somehow I can’t feel the pain anymore. From now on I’ll just let it all go and focusing on my work 🙂

You can let anybody in, but I’m out first. You’re smart if you can let anybody went through your life and then change with another one. You’re emotionally strong to let anybody go. And I’m kind of stupid one trying to trust on someone like that..again and again..

Hard to think with a healthy head in this kind of position. You come to me first for yourself, you approach me. You talk to me, wanted to know about me. Asked me where I am, how I’m doing. When the time goes by, you changed.. You left me, and then you come to me again. Still filling up my days, building up some great memmories. As if you really take me seriously. And you said that you’ll never leave me again, and that’s a promise you made.
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